is earl gray tea good for you

is earl gray tea good for you

Earl Grey Tea and its Health Benefits

Earl Grey tea is a traditional British tea variation with a unique, aromatic and slightly floral taste. It is derived from the ever-popular black tea, but the leaves have been infused with bergamot orange, giving it the distinct flavor. Many people are familiar with this type of tea, but what are the associated health benefits?

What is in Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey tea leaves contain caffeine, making it an invigorating choice and an ideal morning pick-me-up. In addition to the caffeine and bergamot orange flavourings, Earl Grey tea contains:

  • Antioxidants – which can help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals, preventing potential risks of diseases
  • Flavonoids – which have been shown to have potential cholesterol-lowering effects
  • Vitamins – including small amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B6
  • Minerals – such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which contribute to promoting health

The Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Given the natural ingredients of Earl Grey tea, it is not surprising to learn that it has various health benefits.

  • Improved depression symptoms: Research has suggested that drinking tea can help those suffering from depression feel better. A study found that those who drank tea had better-regulated emotions due to their tea consumption.
  • Stronger bones: Drinking tea has been linked to better bone mineral density and lower risk of osteoporosis. The flavonoids in tea have also been attributed to boosting calcium absorption in the body.
  • Reduced risk of stroke: Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of stroke. This is due to tea’s capability to reduce inflammation which in turn can protect against stroke.

Final Thoughts: Is Earl Grey Tea Good for You?

Earl Grey tea is a delicious, aromatic drink packed with natural goodness. There are various health benefits associated with it, from improved depression symptoms to stronger bones and a reduced risk of stroke. Now that you know the potential benefits, why not give Earl Grey tea a try?


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