is elderberry tea safe during pregnancy

is elderberry tea safe during pregnancy

Is Elderberry Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time full of changes and many questions. One of them is whether drinking elderberry tea while pregnant is safe. Elderberry tea has long been used as an herbal remedy, and although it is generally considered to be safe, there is still some risk.

Benefits of Elderberry Tea

Elderberry tea or supplements may help improve symptoms of colds, flus and other respiratory infections. Elderberry has antiviral properties, and is high in antioxidants, which may reduce inflammation in the body. Therefore, it might be beneficial for pregnant women who experience symptoms of colds.

Risks of Elderberry Tea

While the tea is generally considered safe during pregnancy, there are still some risks associated with it.

  • Elderberry tea might act as a laxative, and thus could cause dehydration during pregnancy.
  • Elderberry tea can interact with some medications, so it’s best to check with a doctor before drinking it.
  • The tea can contain naturally-occurring chemicals called glycosides, which are known to cause contractions in the uterus. This could put pregnant women at risk of preterm labor.
  • Elderberry tea can also contain quinines, which can cause a low blood sugar. This also could put pregnant women at risk.


Before drinking elderberry tea or taking any supplements, it’s best to consult a doctor. While it may have some benefits, there are also potential risks. Pregnant women should be extra-careful with the types of tea they drink.


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