is green tea a diuretic

is green tea a diuretic

Is Green Tea a Diuretic?

Consuming green tea can be beneficial in many ways, as it’s a natural source of antioxidants and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. But does green tea have diuretic properties?

What is a Diuretic?

A diuretic is a substance that increases the amount of urine your body produces and thereby helps your body to get rid of more of the liquid it takes in. It can help to reduce bloating, lower blood pressure, and improve blood sugar control.

Does Green Tea Act Like a Diuretic?

Studies have shown that drinking green tea can increase the amount of urine produced by your body, indicating that it may act as a diuretic. The compounds in green tea are thought to be responsible for its potential diuretic properties.

The Benefits of Green Tea as a Diuretic

Using green tea as a diuretic can have many potential health benefits, such as:

  • Increased hydration: The increased urine produced causes you to become more hydrated due to an increase in electrolytes.
  • Lower blood pressure: Green tea can help lower your blood pressure due to the diuretic effect.
  • Weight loss: A diuretic can help you lose weight due to increased excretion of water.
  • Improved blood sugar control: The diuretic effect can improve your body’s control over blood sugar levels.


All in all, it is clear that green tea can act as a diuretic and can help with a variety of health benefits. If you are interested in using green tea as a diuretic, it is important to talk to your doctor first to make sure it is safe and effective for you.


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