is green tea a fat burner

is green tea a fat burner

Discovering Whether Green Tea Is a Fat Burner

Green tea has become increasingly popular in recent years and practically everyone has heard reports that green tea is good for weight loss. You might be asking yourself: is it true, does green tea really help with weight loss? Let’s find out if green tea is a fat burner or not.

The Catechins Found in Green Tea

Green tea contains certain compounds called `catechins`. These catechins in green tea are widely thought to be effective in reducing body fat. Specifically, catechins have been studied for their ability to make it easier to burn fat and reduce body fat percentage.

Green Tea Can Increase Fat Burning

Research indicates that drinking green tea can increase fat metabolism to a degree greater than coffee. This means that drinking green tea can help you to burn more fat.

Green Tea and Metabolism

There is some evidence that drinking green tea can help to increase your metabolism. As a result, your body may burn more calories than it typically would. This can help to reduce stubborn fat deposits around the body particularly in abdomen region.

Green Tea and Appetite Suppression

Drinking green tea can also help to suppress appetite. Green tea contains certain compounds that enhance feelings of fullness and help to control cravings. This again can lead to reduced body fat percentage.

A Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan

As much as green tea can be beneficial for fat burning, it should not considered a “magic bullet” solution for loosing fat. To achieve the best results in fat loss, green tea should be consumed as part of a comprehensive and well-rounded fat loss plan. This should include:

  • Nutritious and Balanced Diet: Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains while avoiding processed and high fat foods.
  • Regular Exercise: Workout regularly to promote fat loss.
  • Green Tea: Enjoying green tea in moderation as part of an overall weight loss plan.


Overall, there is positive evidence that green tea can help in fat loss. However, it should be combined with a good diet and regular exercise for the best results.


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