is green tea bitter

is green tea bitter

Is Green Tea Bitter?

Green tea has long been valued in the Far East for its health benefits. It is usually made using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which when dried, becomes green in color.

But is it bitter?

The Taste Depends Upon Brewing Time and Temperature

Green tea is usually less oxidized than other types of tea, giving it a brighter, fresher taste and lessening the chances of it becoming overly bitter. But the taste does depend on temperature and brewing time. Longer brewing times and hotter temperatures can mean that a cup of green tea can be on the bitter side.

Bitterness Can Be Avoided

If you’re looking to reduce bitterness, there are a few things to consider.

  • Reduce Brewing Time: Try reducing the brewing time, as this will keep more of the grassy, fresh, and slightly vegetal flavors than being overly bitter.
  • Lower The Temperature: In addition to reducing the brewing time, lower the water temperature to around 160-180 degrees, as the lower temperature will ensure that the tea isn’t overextracted and reduces the likelihood of a terse flavor.

It is also possible to add sugar or honey to sweeten the tea or even adding a splash of milk.


Green tea can be bitter, but usually, it only becomes bitter if brewed too long or with too hot of a water temperature. To avoid the bitterness, try playing with the temperature and brewing times. It is also possible to add sweetness such as sugar or honey or even a splash of milk.

Overall, green tea is a great cup that offers fantastic benefits and it’s up to you how strong and bitter you like your cup.


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