is green tea good for type 2 diabetes

is green tea good for type 2 diabetes

Does Green Tea Help With Type 2 Diabetes?

Green tea is believed to have many potential health benefits – but what potential benefits could it offer those living with type 2 diabetes?

The Impact of Green Tea on Insulin Sensitivity

Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea can help to improve insulin sensitivity. This is an important factor for those with type 2 diabetes as it can help regulate blood sugar levels. Studies have found that regular consumption of green tea has been linked to a decrease in both blood glucose and HbA1c levels.

Can Green Tea Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is common in those living with type 2 diabetes and contributes to complications. Research has shown that green tea can improve blood pressure by improving endothelial function and decreasing inflammation.


Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids. These are thought to help protect against oxidative damage, reducing inflammation and improving heart health. Green tea is naturally low in calories too, making it a great drink choice for those trying to maintain a healthy weight.


Green tea is a healthy, low-calorie drink that can be beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes. It has the potential to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood pressure, as well as offering a range of other health benefits. The research behind green tea is still ongoing and it’s important to discuss starting this kind of regimen with your doctor.

However, overall, green tea can be an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle for type 2 diabetes.


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