is lemon ginger tea safe during pregnancy

is lemon ginger tea safe during pregnancy

Is Lemon Ginger Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special moment for women and it is important for them to take care of their health. Drinking tea is something common during this time of life and lemon ginger tea can be an option. So, is lemon ginger tea safe during pregnancy?

Benefits Of Lemon Ginger Tea During Pregnancy

  • Rich in Vitamin C: Lemon ginger tea is a great source of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Pain Relief: By having anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties, the tea can help with morning sickness or muscle and joint pains.
  • Controlling Blood Pressure: Lemon ginger tea can also help with controlling high blood pressure.
  • Improving Circulation: Its consumption is beneficial for improving the circulation of blood in the body.

Risks Of Lemon Ginger Tea During Pregnancy

  • Heartburn: Ginger can be irritating for some pregnant women, leading to heartburn especially on an empty stomach.
  • Increase Uterine Contractions: Consuming high amounts of ginger can cause uterine contractions and this can be a risk of inducing preterm labor or even miscarriage.
  • Overdose of Vitamin C: Too much vitamin C can cause many side effects such as stomach pain and diarrhea.

Generally speaking, drinking moderate amounts of lemon ginger tea during pregnancy is ok. However, it is important for women to seek medical advice before starting any kind of treatment to ensure their baby’s health.


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