is passion tea good for you

is passion tea good for you

Is Passion Tea Good for You?

Passion tea is a herbal infusion made from a combination of hibiscus, rose hips, passion fruit flavor, orange peel and lemon grass. It has a tart flavor that blends well with sweeteners and is often enjoyed for its caffeine-free, health benefits. Let’s take a closer look to see if passion tea is good for you and your health.

Benefits of Passion Tea

  • Antioxidant Rich: Passion tea contains a high level of antioxidants that can help boost your immune system, protect you from chronic diseases, and rid your body of harmful toxins.
  • Filled with Vitamins and Minerals: Passion tea is a great source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Iron, Copper, and Magnesium.
  • Helps Control Blood Sugar: Passion tea is said to contain properties that can help regulate and stabilize your blood sugar levels.
  • Supports Digestive Health: The hibiscus found in passion tea helps reduce inflammation inside the body and makes it easier for you to break down food and digest with greater efficiency.
  • Boosts Metabolism: The lemon grass in passion tea helps to boost and speed up your body’s metabolism.

Risks of Passion Tea

  • High in Acid: Passion tea has a high acidic content and in large enough doses can act as an irritant on your stomach.
  • Contains Caffeine: While caffeinated teas are normally a no-no when it comes to herbal infusions, some varieties of passion tea contain small amounts of caffeine.
  • Added Ingredients: Some of the commercially made passion tea bags contain added ingredients like artificial flavorings and sweeteners that can be a detriment to your health.


When consumed in moderate amounts, passion tea can be a great way to enjoy the flavor of tea without the jitters that come from caffeine and be beneficial to your overall health. Just make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing to avoid added artificial ingredients.


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