is peace tea discontinued

is peace tea discontinued

Did Peace Tea Get Discontinued?

Peace tea is a brand of herbal drinks established in the mid-1990s and owned by the Caddy’s Tea company. An increasingly popular question among loyal fans is whether or not it has been discontinued.

Rumors of Discontinuation

Rumors of Peace Tea’s discontinuation began to spread in 2018 when it seemed to vanish from store shelves. The discrepancy between low stock and high demand sparked worry in Peace Tea’s greatest fans.

But what caused these rumors in the first place? It turns out that the discontinuation of Peace Tea was never an issue in the first place.

Peace Tea Regular Production

Peace Tea is still being produced according to its regular schedules and is available through Caddo’s Tea’s website. The beverage is also regularly stocked at grocery stores across the United States and Europe.

Why the Discontinuation Rumors?

The reason why the discontinuation rumors were able to spread so quickly was because of a decrease in certain flavors of Peace Tea. While the company had stopped production of some flavors, such as blue raspberry, they had increased their production of others, like their original flavor.

Available Flavors

Peace Tea is currently available in the following flavors:

  • Original
  • Lemon
  • Raspberry
  • Cranberry
  • Green Tea
  • Mango

While some flavors have been discontinued, those that viewers choose among are still in production.


Overall, the rumors that Peace Tea has been discontinued are false. The brand is still in production and can be easily purchased online and in stores. Though there are fewer flavors available than were previously available, the most popular flavors are still available.


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