is sleepy time tea safe during pregnancy

is sleepy time tea safe during pregnancy

Is Sleepy Time Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a sensitive and important period of time. Sleepy time tea can be beneficial during pregnancy, however, it is important to research the product and ingredients to ensure it is safe for usage.

Benefits of Sleepy Time Tea During Pregnancy

Sleepy time tea can provide positive benefits during pregnancy:

  • Relaxation: Sleepy time tea can help provide relaxation to pregnant women who have difficulty sleeping.
  • Inducing Sleep: The herbs found in sleepy time tea can potentially help induce sleep.
  • Stress Relief: Drinking sleepy time tea can help take away the stress levels combined with the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

Are Sleepy Time Tea Ingredients Safe During Pregnancy?

The main ingredients found in sleepy time teas are chamomile, peppermint and spearmint. All of these herbs are generally safe for pregnant women, however, excessive quantities can result in potential problems.

In addition, sleepy time tea should always be brewed according to the label instructions; always discuss with your doctor as some ingredients can be potentially dangerous if over-consumed.

General Safety Guidelines

When dealing with sleepy time tea, always follow the below safety guidelines:

  • Always read the label and ingredient information.
  • Always consult your doctor or midwife.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the label.
  • Do not take more than recommended dosage.
  • Talk to your doctor if feeling unwell.

Overall, sleepy time teas can be safe during pregnancy, however, consult your doctor and read the labels to ensure the ingredients are safe for usage. Happy and healthy pregnancies are key, so ensure that whatever is taken, is done safely and according to guidelines.


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