is sun tea safe

is sun tea safe

Is Sun Tea Safe?

Sun tea has become a popular way to easily brew iced tea at home. There are, however, some questions about its safety. While some experts say that it is safe to make and drink, others argue that the risk of contamination could make it a dangerous beverage.

How Is Sun Tea Made?

Sun tea is made by placing teabags in a closed container with water and leaving it in the sun for several hours to steep. This process isn’t as effective as making tea with boiling water, but it is a much simpler method and uses no heat.

The Pros of Sun Tea

Sun tea has several benefits:

  • It is Easy to Make: Brewing sun tea requires no stove, just a few teabags, a bit of water and plenty of sunshine.
  • Convenient: Once the tea is brewed, the teabags can be removed from the jar, making it a convenient way to have iced tea ready immediately with no mess.
  • Flavorful: Many people prefer the flavor of sun tea because of its subtle sweet overtones.

The Risks of Sun Tea

Despite the advantages of sun tea, there are some potential risks to consider:

  • Potential Contamination: Sun tea has the potential to be contaminated with harmful bacteria from either the water or from unclean utensils. This is one of the main concerns about the safety of sun tea.
  • Nutrient Loss: Sun tea does not contain as many antioxidants as hot-brewed tea does, so the health benefits of the beverage may be diminished.

Is Sun Tea Safe?

The safety of sun tea depends on the source of the water and the cleanliness of the jars and utensils used to make it. If these are not carefully monitored, potential contamination could make sun tea an unsafe beverage.

Overall, experts recommend taking caution when drinking sun tea. If you choose to make sun tea, it’s best to use bottled or filtered water and to clean all utensils thoroughly before and after use.


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