is sun tea safe

is sun tea safe

Is Sun Tea Safe?

Do you often make sun tea for your family and friends for a refreshing summer refreshment? Have you ever wondered if it is safe to make? Making sun tea is an efficient way to make large amounts of tea quickly, but there are potential risks associated with its preparation. Let’s explore what those risks are and if sun tea is a safe choice for your family.

Possibility of Bacterial Growth

One possible risk associated with sun tea is the possibility of bacterial growth. Sun tea is traditionally made without boiling the water or adding any preservatives, leaving it in the sun for several hours. This will increase the temperatures of the water and provide an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. If dangerous bacteria are present, it can cause food poisoning. It is important to note that hot water tea is also vulnerable to collecting bacteria if it is not made and handled properly.

Preventing Bacterial Growth

Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce the possible risk of bacterial growth in any type of tea:

  • Choose a clean container: The container used to make tea should be washed and disinfected with hot, soapy water prior to making the tea.
  • Refrigerate tea: Once the tea is finished brewing, it should be refrigerated and discarded after 8 hours. It should never be left sitting at room temperature for long periods of time.
  • Use clean tap water: Whenever possible, use filtered or clean tap water to make the tea.

Enjoying Sun Tea Responsibly

With proper preparation and handling of sun tea, it is safe to consume. Making and consuming sun tea is popular in many households and can be a refreshing treat on hot summer days. However, to ensure safety it is important to be mindful of how the tea is made, stored and served. This will ensure that your tea is safe to drink and enjoy!


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