is tea bad for cats

is tea bad for cats

Is Tea Bad For Cats?

Cats and tea are two of the most beloved pastimes of pet owners and tea drinkers alike. But while a spot of tea can help settle a frazzled human after a tough day, is it really a good idea to share this warm beverage with our feline friends?

Why Cats Might Enjoy Tea

Most cats have an insatiable appetite for exploration and will gladly accept any drinks and food their owners provide for them. Unlike many other beverages, tea isn’t filled with sweeteners or excessive amounts of sugar, and it may even have some health benefits for cats.

Should You Give Your Cat Tea?

The simple answer is no. Tea, while not necessarily harmful to cats, can cause health problems. Here are some potential issues:

  • Caffeine: Tea contains low levels of caffeine, but it can still build up in a cat’s system, leading to restlessness, vomiting and diarrhea, and in extreme cases, heart palpitations and seizures.
  • Tannins: The tannins in tea can aggravate sensitive stomachs and may cause digestion issues in cats.
  • Nutrients: Cats can’t digest certain nutrients found in tea, making it difficult for them to absorb whatever benefits it may have.

Alternatives For Cats

If you want to give your cat something to sip on, look for pet-approved drinks such as water and an herbal tea, made especially for cats without caffeine and other potential triggers.

The bottom line is, while tea may seem innocuous enough to share with cats, it really isn’t the best idea, as it can lead to health issues. Pet owners should instead opt for pet-safe alternatives that can provide the same refresher without the potential risks.


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