is there still tea in the boston harbor

is there still tea in the boston harbor

Tea in the Boston Harbor

The famous phrase “No Taxation Without Representation,” defines one of the major moments in American history. It is a phrase referring to the famous Boston Tea Party, where colonists protested against unjust taxation from Britain by throwing the East India Company’s chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. To this day, many people still wonder, “Is there still tea in the Boston harbor?”

What Happened at the Boston Tea Party?

In December 1773, colonists taking part in the Boston Tea Party assembled at Griffin’s Wharf, where they boarded the Dartmouth and other ships, and threw the tea into the ocean. There is no exact record of how much tea was thrown into the harbor, estimates range between 92,000 to 300,000 pounds.

At the time, tea was a major commodity which ruled the trading world. After the tea hit the ocean, colonists then expressed their solidarity and loyalty to the Boston Tea Party in the months that followed.

Is There Still Tea in the Boston Harbor?

The simple answer is no. The majority of what had been thrown into the water would have deteriorated over time, and the water would have since been changed. In addition, the harbor is much larger now than it was in the 1700s due to the added land created with landfill. Even if there were tea, the modern currents and pollution of the harbor would have likely diluted and washed away any remaining tea.

The Tea Party Lives On

Although these days, there is literally no more tea in the Boston Harbor, the historic event will be remembered. To commemorate the awesome moment, there are a few ways to celebrate the Boston Tea Party:

  • Visit the Museum: You can explore the museum with interactive exhibits and get a glimpse into the night of the tea party. You may even learn about how it changed the course of American history.
  • Attend the Tea Party Festival: Every summer, the city of Boston and other local organizations host a Tea Party Festival. At the festival you can dress up in costumes, watch reenactments, and enjoy food, music and performances.
  • Visit Historical Sites: Take a walk around the harbor and check out historical monuments and memorials, and even a few ships close to the Dunbar Tea Ship, the flagship of the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party was an iconic event in American history and its spirit lives on. Though today, no tea remains in the Boston Harbor, its legacy will continue to be celebrated.


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