is unsweet tea hydrating

is unsweet tea hydrating

Is Unsweet Tea Hydrating?

Unsweet tea certainly has some hydrating qualities, but things like the type of tea, caffeine levels and added sugar will ultimately determine how much of a hydrating effect it has. The short answer: unsweet tea is mostly hydrating but it is important to know that not all unsweet teas are created equal.

Types of Tea and Amount of Caffeine

The type of tea matters when trying to decide if it is hydrating. Some teas, like green or oolong, contain more caffeine than black or herbal tea. Therefore the caffeine levels must be considered when evaluating the hydrating qualities. Generally, teas with higher amounts of caffeine have a diuretic effect which can lead to dehydration.

Added Sugar Content

Unsweetened tea also means there is no added sugar. Too much sugar can diminish the effects of hydration. Sugar has dehydrating effects, so unsweet tea is better for hydration when it comes to sugar content.


Different teas have different components, and some have more nutrients than others. For example, white tea is higher in antioxidants, which can help with hydration.

Overall Hydration Effect

Overall, unsweet tea has hydrating effects and depending on the type of tea chosen, it can have all around hydrating qualities. Decaffeinated teas, as well as teas with no added sugar, will provide you with the best option for hydration.

Bottom Line

To maximize the hydrating effects of unsweet tea, consider the following:

  • Choose tea with no caffeine – look for teas like herbal or decaffeinated
  • Avoid added sugar – opt for no added sweeteners, or natural sweeteners like honey
  • Choose higher nutrient teas – look for teas with more antioxidants and micronutrients

Overall, unsweet tea is generally hydrating and can be a great choice if you make the right selections.


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