Masala Tea to Kick-Start Your Day with a ‘Desi’ Twist to Your Daily Beverage

Masala Tea to Kick-Start Your Day with a ‘Desi’ Twist to Your Daily Beverage

Masala Tea to Kick-Start Your Day with a ‘Desi’ Twist to Your Daily Beverage

If you’re a tea lover, then you definitely must have tried out Masala Tea! Any tea enthusiast would agree that no other warm beverage can soothe your soul as much as a cup of Masala Tea. It’s a desi twist to your daily beverage, a spicy take on you everyday cup of tea.

Benefits of Masala Tea

  • Boosts Immunity: Masala tea is a great source to boost your immunity system. Spices such as Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger provide immunity-boosting antioxidants that help fight diseases.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure: Masala tea also helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. The scientific theory is that this type of tea increases the open vessels, leading to better circulation in the body.
  • Fuller Caffeine Fix: Masala tea offers a fuller caffeine “fix” than a normal cup of tea or coffee. You still get the stimulating kick, but you also get a fabulous smell and exotic flavour.

Preparation Method of Masala Tea

The preparation process of Masala tea is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of your choice of tea leaves to a cup. Boil the cup of water, add some ginger, crumble the cardamom, and add the spices, such as cloves and cinnamon stick into the boiling water.

  • Strain the tea through a strainer, so that all the particles get separated.
  • Add sugar and some milk to the hot tea, depending on your preferences, and stir well to mix the ingredients all together.
  • Feel free to customize your masala tea to suit your needs. You can use any combination or combination of spices and herbs for a unique taste.


Masala Tea has been a popular beverage for many centuries in India. It is a great and easy way to start your day with a ‘Desi’ twist to your daily beverage. This aromatic tea will not only give you an energy boost but also provide many amazing health benefits. So, next time you brew a cup of Masala Tea, get ready to indulge in a cup of health and wellness. Enjoy this spicy and flavourful cup of tea!


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