Say No To The Cavity With A Cuppa of Halmari Tea

Say No To The Cavity With A Cuppa of Halmari Tea

Say No To The Cavity With A Cuppa of Halmari Tea

Benefits Of Halmari’s Specialty Tea

Are you looking for a delicious tea that is powerful against tooth decay and beneficial for oral hygiene? Try Halmari Tea! Halmari has a wide range of green, black and white tea that are specially blended to benefit your teeth.

Halmari Tea helps to fight off bad breath by reducing levels of the bacteria which causes plaque and tooth decay. The polyphenols, antioxidants and tannins in Halmari Tea help to protect your enamel, reduce inflammation in your gums, and defend against plaque.

Drinking Tips For Halmari Tea

  • Pour Fresh Water: When brewing your Halmari Tea, make sure to use fresh boiling or near boiling water. This helps draw out the most flavour and nutrients.
  • Brew in The Right Amount: Halmari Tea is best brewed for 3 – 4 minutes for green and white teas, and 4 – 5 minutes for black teas. Brewing it for too long can be bitter, so you don’t want to leave it for over 5 minutes.
  • Add Sweeteners Moderately: If you like to sweeten your tea, use honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. This helps to preserve the antioxidant properties of the tea.
  • Limit Your Tea Intake: Halmari Tea is best enjoyed in moderation. It is recommended to limit your tea intake to 4 to 5 cups per day.

Why Choose Halmari Tea

If you’re looking for a healthy and thoughtful way to take care of your oral hygiene, then Halmari Tea is perfect for you. Halmari’s specialty teas are packed full of natural and refreshing flavors, while being organic and free from added flavors and preservatives. Their teas are hand crafted with thoughtfulness, and are grown in the natural environment of Assam, India.

Say no to tooth decay, and give your teeth and mouth a healthy treat with a cuppa of Halmari Tea today!


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