Treat your friends and family with Masala chai to compliment every occasion

Treat your friends and family with Masala chai to compliment every occasion

Treat Your Friends and Family with Masala Chai to Compliment Every Occasion

Masala chai is a traditional Indian flavoured tea originating from the Indian subcontinent that is brewed strong with an infusion of warming spices, tea leaves and either milk or water. Although masala chai has existed for thousands of years, it is still as beloved today and is considered by many to add an extra ‘something special’ to any occasion. Treat your friends and family with masala chai this holiday season to really make it memorable!

Flavour and Aroma

When it comes to masala chai, the answer lies within the subtle flavour and aroma. When the spices are combined with tea leaves and heated up, they create a balance of spicy, herbal and aromatic notes. The combination of flavour and aroma is truly unique and can truly enhance any occasion.

Benefits and Uses

Masala chai is not only a delicious way to enjoy tea, but it also has many health benefits. It can aid digestion, boost immunity, improve alertness and clarity, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Masala chai can also be used in a range of dishes, from desserts to savoury dishes, adding extra flavour and texture.

Tips for Making Masala Chai

  • Fresh ingredients: Use fresh ingredients for a tastier, more flavourful chai
  • Spices: When using spices, use no more than two to three at a time
  • Milk or Water: Adding either milk or water depends on your own preference
  • Loose or Bagged Tea: Using loose tea leaves or tea bags is personal choice
  • Simmer: Simmer everything together until desired flavour
  • Strain: Strain the mixture after simmering for a perfectly brewed chai


Treat your friends and family to truly delicious masala chai this holiday season! Whether it be for a special occasion or just for a relaxed cosy evening, masala chai will certainly add that ‘special something’ to any event. Not only is it delicious and aroma-filled, but masala chai also brings many health benefits and can also be used in dishes to add extra flavour and texture. Get creative with your own recipe and enjoy a hot cup of masala chai with your friends and family!


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