Treat Your Taste Buds to the Indian Masala Chai from Assam!

Treat Your Taste Buds to the Indian Masala Chai from Assam!

Treat your Taste Buds to the Indian Masala Chai from Assam!

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful tea experience, look no further than Assam’s Masala Chai! Originating from the tropical plains of Assam, India, this flavorful concoction of black tea, spices, and herbs tastes like nothing else on Earth.

A Rich History

Masala chai came to India during the British Raj and has since become a beloved tradition among India’s many tea drinkers. Traditionally, it is brewed with milk and sugar on the stovetop with a variety of whole spices. Because of its rich flavor profile and similarity to spices used in other Indian dishes, masala chai is especially popular in Northern India and throughout the subcontinent.

Tantalizing Flavors

It’s the unique combination of spices that give Masala Chai from Assam its mesmerizing flavor. Traditional masala blends feature some combination of the following spices:

  • Cardamom – often used as a natural sweetener
  • Ginger – known for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Clove – for a hint of sweet and spicy
  • Peppercorn – to give it a little kick
  • Fennel – for a mild licorice flavor

These spices are combined with black tea leaves grown in the tropical climate of Assam, India. This bloomy, tippy tea offers a strong flavor that’s perfect for blending with the Masala spices. This combination of spices and tea creates a wonderfully fragrant, flavorful beverage that’s unlike any other cup of tea.

Enjoying your cup of Masala Chai from Assam

Treating your taste buds to a cup of Masala Chai from Assam can be a relaxing and replenishing experience. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or an after-dinner treat, the unique flavors of this flavorful brew can bring a little bit of Northern India to your home.

So, why not treat yourself to a cup of Masala Chai from Assam today? You won’t regret it!


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