what are tea pets used for

what are tea pets used for

What are Tea Pets?

Tea pets are small, hand-crafted figurines used in many regions of East Asia during the ancient period. Tea pets are made of fired clay, and can come in many shapes and sizes. They are used for traditional tea ceremonies and as decorations.

Why do people use Tea Pets?

Tea pets are usually used as part of a tea ceremony to show appreciation and respect for tea. Using tea pets also helps bring together the physical aspects of tea-drinking, such as pouring and drinking the tea, with more intangible aspects, such as the spirit of friendship and relaxation.

These tea pets are meant to bring luck, happiness and good fortune to their owners and are typically displayed in their home or by the teapot during different ceremonies.


Tea pets have a special symbolism and meaning associated with them. Tea pets often feature animals such as lions, fish, chickens, rabbits, squirrels, elephants, dragons, and turtles. Each of these has its own special meaning.

For example, Fish are a symbol of wealth, Lions represent courage and power, and Turtles represent longevity.

Each tea pet is unique and its meaning is left up to its owner to interpret.

The Care and Cleaning of Tea Pets

Tea pets are meant to be handled with care and require regular cleaning in order to keep them looking their best.

Here are some tips on how to care for your tea pets:

  • Clean your tea pet at least once a month with a mild soap and water.
  • Handle and move your pet with gentle care and keep away from extreme temperatures.
  • Display your pet in a prominent area of the house and give it ample light.
  • Pour tea on your pet from time to time. This helps keep it in good condition and gives it a special feeling.

Tea pets are an integral part of tea culture and can be a great addition to your tea ceremonies. By caring for and pouring tea onto your tea pets, you can enjoy their symbolism and bring extra energy and luck to your gatherings.


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