what are tea roses

what are tea roses

What Are Tea Roses?

Tea roses, also known as Bourbon, China, and Hybrid China roses, are flowering shrubs that belong to the species Rosa x odorata. These roses are popular for their sweet, fruity scent, and for the large, open-faced blooms that they produce.


Tea roses are hybrid roses developed from crosses between the old European Damask and Gallica roses and the Chinese Tea roses. They can reach heights of three to nine feet and produce blooms in a wide range of colors. Tea roses are often chosen for bouquets and floral arrangements due to their large blooms and long stems.

Growing Tea Roses

These roses require full sun and well-drained soil in order to thrive. Tea roses need to be trimmed and pruned regularly to maintain their shape and growth, and they are at risk of diseases and infestations, so they need to be regularly inspected.

Advantages of Tea Roses

Tea roses have many advantages over other roses, including:

  • Scents: Tea roses are known for their sweet, fruity scent, which is beloved by many.
  • Variety: Tea roses come in a variety of colors, from pinks and whites to deep purples and oranges.
  • Long-Lived: With proper care, Tea roses will last for many years, providing blooms for decades.

Tea roses are a popular choice for those looking for a beautiful, fragrant flower to grow in their garden. With its unique scent and varied color palette, a Tea rose bush can make a delightful addition to any garden.


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