what are tea towels used for

what are tea towels used for

What are Tea Towels Used For?

Tea towels have become a kitchen staple, so much so that some would never start their day without one. But have you ever stopped to think about what tea towels are used for? Read on to find out all the many ways this helpful kitchen accessory can be used:

Drying Dishes

The most obvious and most commonly used purpose of a tea towel is as a dish cloth. Place it on top of a drying rack or even on a countertop and use it to dry just-washed plates and utensils. Depending on the fabric of your tea towel, it may be good for dishes as well as for wiping down surfaces.

Covering Dough

Tea towels are also excellent for covering dough while it rises. Just drape the towel over the dough and it will help retain the heat and moisture needed for rising.

Buffing Silverware and Plates

Tea towels make great silverware or plate buffers. Use it to add a bit of sparkle to dull stainless steel flatware, or to give porcelain plates a glossy finish.

Their Absorbent Powers

Did you know that because of their absorbent properties, tea towels can be used to clean up spills around the kitchen? Just dampen it and dab the liquid up!

Wrapping and Storage

Tea towels can also be used to wrap food items like sandwiches and sandwiches, as well as store them away in the fridge if necessary.

On-the-Go Cleanup

If you are out and about and need a quick cleanup from a spilled drink or snack, a tea towel will quickly come to the rescue!

Sponges and Pot-Holders

Tea towels can also make for excellent sponges, or you can use them as pot-holders to grab hot pots off the stove.


As you can see, tea towels are an essential kitchen accessory that can be used for many different purposes. Whether you are using them to dry dishes, wrapping sandwiches, or cleaning up spills, tea towels are an invaluable item that every kitchen should have.


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