what are tea towels used for

what are tea towels used for

The many uses of Tea Towels

Almost everyone has tea towels in their kitchen, but many people don’t know the full extent of their uses. Food preparation, cleaning and storage are all ways tea towels can help make your kitchen tasks easier.

Food Preparation:

  • Tea towels can be used as a makeshift pastry cloth when rolling pie dough.
  • Tempura, a Japanese dish of fried vegetables and seafood, can be spread on a tea towel after being seasoned and deep-fried for a better dinner experience.
  • The cloth allows for the full cooking of the meal without absorbing too much oil.
  • A clean tea towel also makes an excellent alternative to a pot holder when removing hot cookware from the stove or oven.


  • Unlike paper towels, tea towels are reusable and are great for cleaning up messes around the kitchen.
  • You can use them to easily wipe down countertops, kitchen appliances and surfaces.
  • Tea towels are also beneficial for cleaning glassware and delicate cookware, as they are not abrasive.
  • They can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels when mopping up spills and wiping down surfaces.
  • Tea towels are also gentle enough to use on delicate china and crockery.


  • Tea towels are great for storing vegetables, as they allow vegetables to breathe and reduce spoilage.
  • You can also use tea towels for storing cooked food, as they help keep food fresh for longer periods of time.
  • Once the tea towel has been used it should be washed with soap and water before being reused.

The tea towel is one of the most versatile tools any kitchen can have. They can be used for food preparation, cleaning, and storage, making them a great addition to any kitchen.


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