what are tea towels

what are tea towels

What are Tea Towels?

Tea towels, also known as kitchen towels, are a practical and versatile item used in kitchens all over the world. They are often used to dry dishes, mop up spills and even line bread baskets. Most tea towels are made from absorbent cotton or linen fabric, and are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes.

Different Uses for Tea Towels

Tea towels have many hard-working uses in the kitchen and beyond:

  • Serving – Use tea towels to create attractive and practical bread and fruit baskets for serving meals with style.
  • Protecting – When taking baked goods out of the oven, use a tea towel to protect your hands from burns.
  • Drying – After washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, drape a tea towel over the edge of the sink to dry them.
  • Covering – Put a damp tea towel over a bowl of dough to keep it moist when you’re not ready to work with it yet.
  • Cleaning – Soak up messes in the kitchen and on the table with a handy tea towel.
  • Decorating – Incorporate a few tea towels into a kitchen decorating scheme to add a bright and cheery accent.

Shopping for Tea Towels

Most home, kitchen and department stores carry a wide selection of tea towels. Look for options with or without an attached loop for easy hanging. You can also find tea towels in a variety of fabrics. Cotton is the most popular option and is available in plain and patterned designs, as well as jacquard weaves. Some tea towels also come pre-treated with water-absorbing properties, making them even more practical and efficient.

Tea towels are a useful and affordable addition to any kitchen. So why not add a few of these hard-working linens to your kitchen arsenal?


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