what do you wear to high tea

what do you wear to high tea

What to Wear to High Tea

High tea is an important social event and dressing the part is as important as anything else. Depending on the occasion and the atmosphere of the Tea, the dress code may be anything from formal to casual. Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear when attending high tea.

Tea Formal

When attending a formal tea party, the dress code should be dressy tea attire, because the formality of the event is reflected in the way it is dressed. As such, here is what you should consider wearing:

  • Men: A tailored three-piece suit with dressy dress shoes, a long-sleeved shirt and a tie
  • Women: A printed knee-length or full-length dress, heeled or flat dress shoes, and a light jacket for colder weather

Tea Casual

For a less formal event, a casual dress code is sometimes suitable. The dress code for a casual tea party looks something like this:

  • Men: Chinos or khakis, with a button-down shirt and a cotton/linen sportcoat
  • Women: A floral sundress or pale solid skirt and cotton/linen blazer, with dress sandals or ballet flats

Always remember to bring a cardigan or wrap, as most tea parties are indoors and the air conditioning can be chilly.

Final Notes

When attending a high tea, you should always dress the part to show the host your respect. The dress code can vary depending on the occasion, but it is always important to maintain a sense of decorum. Follow these tips and you should be well-dressed for any tea party!


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