what does a long island iced tea taste like

what does a long island iced tea taste like

What Does a Long Island Iced Tea Taste Like?

The Long Island Iced Tea—or commonly referred to simply as a “L.I.T.”—is an alcoholic cocktail consisting of five different types of alcohol, as well as sour mix and cola. It is a favorite of many party-goers and is quite strong.

Flavor Profile

The flavor of a Long Island Iced Tea is sweet and tangy. It has the robust taste of vodka, the sweetness of the triple sec, the tartness of the lime, the acidity of sour mix, and the underlying sweetness of the cola. The amount of alcohol in the drink will depend on the relative proportions of each of the ingredients.

Taste Preferences

The flavor of a Long Island Iced Tea is subjective. Some drinkers find the taste overwhelming, while others find it too sweet and cloying. Generally, drinkers find the flavor profile too strong and should be careful when consuming a Long Island Iced Tea.

Overall Perception

The Long Island Iced Tea is a strong, sweet and tart alcoholic beverage, enjoyed best when consumed conservatively. Many drinkers find the taste to be too strong and overly sweet, while others love the sweetness of the cocktail and its high alcohol content.

Before indulging in this cocktail, it is important that you be aware of your alcohol tolerance level and mix it accordingly. With the right balance of different ingredients, the Long Island Iced Tea can be a refreshing and delicious drink.


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