what does butterfly tea taste like

what does butterfly tea taste like

What Does Butterfly Tea Taste Like?

Butterfly tea, also known as “lian chun” in Chinese, is a type of oolong tea sourced from the Fujian province of China. Together with donkey-hide gelatin and chrysanthemum petals, butterfly tea is a major component of Chinese’s traditional “three flower teas”. The unique name of the tea comes from its jade-green buds resembling butterflies.

Unique Flavor

Butterfly tea is appreciated for its distinctive taste, ranging from floral-fruity to subtly nutty, depending on its grade and length of steeping. Since it is gently oxidized for a short period, its flavor is far less intensive than pu-erh tea. The tea has a velvety texture, sweet taste and well-rounded body, making it a popular choice for the tea enthusiasts.

Health Benefits

In addition to its delightful flavor, butterfly tea has many health benefits. It has long been used as a remedy to aid digestion, relieve stress, and help prevent cancer. A particularly impressive feature of butterfly tea is its high concentration of polyphenols. These strong antioxidants help to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve heart health.

Brewing Tips

To get the most out of butterfly tea, there are a few brewing tips to keep in mind.

  • Water Temperature: best brewed with 90 – 95°C water
  • Steeping Time: allow it steep for 1-2 minutes
  • Tea Leaves: 2 – 3 grams of leaves per cup

In conclusion, butterfly tea is a delicious and healthy beverage made from carefully-harvested tea leaves. Its subtle yet full-bodied flavor and generous health benefits make it an ideal option for tea lovers everywhere.


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