what does hokkaido milk tea taste like


What Does Hokkaido Milk Tea Taste Like?

Hokkaido milk tea, also known as “ryokucha” in Japan, is a type of green tea produced in the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. It has a very distinctive taste and aroma, making it one of the most popular teas in Japan. So, what does Hokkaido milk tea taste like?


Hokkaido milk tea has a uniquely sweet and creamy flavor due to the toasted and sometimes roasted grains that are added to the green tea during the brewing process. This gives it a characteristic “buttered” aroma. Many people also describe Hokkaido milk tea as having a nutty, almost caramel-like flavor with notes of honey and roasted nuts.


The aroma of Hokkaido milk tea is strongly influenced by the toasting and sometimes roasting of the grains that are added during the brewing process. The resulting aroma is slightly herbal and vegetal with sweet, nutty notes and a slight smokiness.


Overall, the flavor and aroma of Hokkaido milk tea can be described as nutty, slightly caramel-like and sweet with notes of honey and roasted nuts. It is definitely a unique and delicious tea that should be experienced by everyone!


Here is a list of the general ingredients used to make Hokkaido milk tea:

    • Green tea: The main flavor component of Hokkaido milk tea is green tea. This provides the classic tea base, with a slight bitterness and vegetal taste.


    • Toasted grains: These grains, such as corn, wheat, and barley, are toasted or roasted before adding them to the green tea. This adds a deep and nutty flavor plus a toasted aroma to the tea.


    • Honey: Sometimes honey is added to Hokkaido milk tea for an extra sweet and flowery flavor.



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