what does taro taste like bubble tea

what does taro taste like bubble tea

What does Taro Taste like in Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a popular drink that is often made up of a tea base mixed with milk and chewy tapioca balls. It is then flavored to suit the individual’s preference. One of the most common flavors of bubble tea is taro, a root vegetable that is native to Southeast Asia. So, what does taro taste like in a bubble tea?

Taro Flavor

The taro flavor of bubble tea has a unique taste on its own, but is often enhanced with a variety of other flavors, such as almond, coconut, honey, or ginger. It has a sweet but earthy flavor, similar to a sweet potato. Taro in bubble tea also has a slightly floral taste and can have a slightly smoky aftertaste.

Adding Other Flavors

Many people enjoy adding other flavors to their taro bubble tea. These can include fruit syrups, such as mango or lychee, as well as sweetened condensed milk or creamers. These additions can help to bring out the sweetness and earthiness of the taro, while adding their own unique flavors to the drink.

The Bottom Line

Taro bubble tea is a delicious and refreshing drink with a unique flavor. It can be enjoyed on its own or with added flavors. Whether it’s a sweet, earthy flavor or something more fruity and creamy, bubble tea lovers are sure to enjoy the unique taste of taro.


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