what does taro tea taste like

what does taro tea taste like

What Does Taro Tea Taste Like?

Taro tea, or taro bubble tea, has become increasingly popular over the years. While there are many variations of this tea-based drink, many patrons enjoy this unique flavor that combines tea, taro, and other ingredients. So, what does taro tea taste like?


Taro tea is derived from a root vegetable, known as Taro, which comes from the plant Colocasia esculenta, native to South Asia and the South Pacific. It is a creamy, starchy root vegetable, which has been used in traditional cultures for centuries.

The flavor of taro tea is unique in that it captures the flavor of the taro root, combining it with the sweetness of tapioca pearls and the flavor of tea. Depending on the ingredients added, this drink can also be creamy, nutty and earthy.

Taro Tea Variations

When it comes to the flavor of taro tea, it all depends on the exact ingredients added. For instance, some shops prefer to add milk and ice to enhance the creamy texture, while also adding spices and sugars to sweeten. Other shops opt for a non-dairy alternative, adding almond milk and coconut milk for a more nutty flavor.


At the end of the day, taro tea can have a range of flavors depending on the ingredients added. Overall, it has creamy, nutty, earthy notes, mixed with the sweetness of tapioca pearls and the flavor of tea. Whether you like your taro tea with milk or without, you’re sure to enjoy this unique flavor.


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