what does taro tea taste like

what does taro tea taste like

What Does Taro Tea Taste Like?

Taro tea, otherwise known as bubble tea, is a popular Taiwanese beverage made with a base of tea and milk, tapioca balls, and flavorings. But what is it actually like to drink? Read on to learn more about the taste of taro tea.

What is Taro Tea?

Taro tea is made with taro root, which is a starchy, sweet vegetable that is used in a variety of dishes including desserts, drinks, and soups. The taro root is mashed or powdered and mixed with tea, milk, and flavorings such as brown sugar or honey.

What Does Taro Tea Taste Like?

Taro tea typically has a sweet, creamy, and earthy taste to it. The taro root imparts its unique flavor, making it distinct from other teas. The sweetness comes from the addition of milk and sugar. The bubbles give the tea a refreshing, chewy texture.

Other Flavors in Taro Tea

Taro tea is often flavored with other ingredients such as honey, syrup, fruit, and even various spices. These flavors are combined with the taro root and tea base, making for a more complex and flavorful beverage. The most popular flavors are:

  • Honeydew Taro Tea: This light, sweet tea combines the flavor of taro root with sweet honeydew melon.
  • Black Sugar Taro Tea: This tea has a darker, more robust flavor from the addition of black sugar syrup.
  • Matcha Taro Tea: This taro tea is combined with matcha, making for a creamy, slightly bitter taste.
  • Strawberry Taro Tea: This refreshing tea is made with sweet, ripe strawberries and taro root.


Taro tea is a delicious Taiwanese beverage made with taro root, tea, and milk. Its unique flavor profile has made it a popular drink around the world. It typically has a sweet, creamy, and earthy taste with hints of other flavors such as honey, black sugar syrup, and fruit.


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