what does tea mean in slang

What Does Tea Mean in Slang?

We often hear or use slang phrases without understanding the actual meaning behind them. One expression which has grown in popularity over the years is “tea”, used to refer to gossip or news. It’s often used in the phrase “spill the tea”, which means to share gossip or news.


The phrase “spill the tea” is believed to have originated within the queer Black or LGBTQ+ community. Most likely, it comes from the phrase “spill the T”, with the letter T referring to “truth”. The phrase may have become popularized through the black drag culture, as evidenced by some famous drag queens’ popularization of it.

Popularization in the Media

The phrase “spill the tea” has become increasingly popularised in mainstream media, with more and more shows and celebrities using it. It has featured on famous television programmes like RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Big Bang Theory and in some reviews of movies like Mean Girls and Bridesmaids.

Its Meaning in Slang

In slang, the phrase “tea” generally means gossip, news, or information. It is often used with the purpose of sharing secrets or disclosing facts and stories. Many people use “tea” to refer to juicy or scandalous information or stories.

Examples of Usage

Here are a few examples of how the phrase “tea” and “spill the tea” are used in sentences:

  • I heard my best friend had a baby. Do you know any tea about it? Meaning: Do you know any juicy gossip or news about it?
  • Spill the tea! Meaning: Tell me the news or gossip.
  • Do you have any tea to share? Meaning: Do you have any gossip or news to share?

Overall, “tea” has become an increasingly popular slang phrase in recent years and it generally refers to gossip or news. People often use the phrase “spill the tea”, which means to share gossip or news.


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