what does thai tea boba taste like

what does thai tea boba taste like

What does Thai Tea Boba Taste Like?

Thai tea boba is a popular drink in many parts of the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. The combination of sweet milk tea, tapioca pearls, and unique spices makes it an interesting and remarkable treat. Here we will delve into what should you expect when you take a sip of Thai tea boba.

The Base Taste

At its core, Thai tea boba is a sweet milk tea. It has a strong, vibrant flavour that is both creamy and slightly smoky. This is due to the use of star anise and then, either fresh or evaporated whole milk is added to make the flavour even more indulgent.

The Boba

The chewy boba is made of tapioca and is submerged in the tea before being served. As you bite into the boba, you will experience a mild sweetness, with a slightly crunchy texture. It pairs incredibly well with the flavour of the tea, providing an interesting balance.

The Unique Spice

What sets Thai tea boba apart from other teas is the unique spices that are used to make it. It typically includes star anise, cardamom, and pandan. Along with this, many vendors will also add tamarind and/or licorice root to round out the flavour. All of these ingredients merge together to make a delightful, sweet, and slightly spicy flavour.

What to Expect

So in summary, when you take a sip of Thai tea boba, you can expect a cup of milky sweetness with a slight smoky flavour and a mild spice. The boba provides a chewy balance and the spices give the drink it’s complex and unique flavour.

For those interested in trying Thai tea boba, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is sweet: The sweetness of the tea comes from either added sugar or condensed milk, so it may be too much for some.
  • The texture may be unfamiliar: The texture of the tapioca pearls may be unfamiliar to those not used to chewy tea toppings.
  • The spices give it its unique flavour: The unique spice blend of star anise, cardamom, pandan, tamarind, and licorice root give the tea its complex and interesting flavour.

Overall, if you are looking for something that is slightly sweet, creamy, and flavourful, Thai tea boba may be the perfect drink for you.


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