what does twisted tea have in it

what does twisted tea have in it

What Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea is an alcoholic iced tea-flavored beverage that is manufactured by the Boston Beer Company. It is a type of hard iced tea that has a unique twist of lightly sweetened real tea and natural flavors.

What Does Twisted Tea Have In It?

Twisted Tea is made with high-quality ingredients including:

  • Tea: Black iced tea for the Original and Half-Lemonade flavor, green iced tea for the Raspberry flavor, and white iced tea for the Tropical Mango flavor.
  • Sugar: Real sugar for the Original, light sugar for the Half-Lemonade, and just a hint of real sugar for the Raspberry and Tropical Mango flavors.
  • Alcohol: Every 12 fl oz can of Twisted Tea contains 5% ABV.
  • Carbonation: Just the right amount of carbonation for a refreshing drinking experience.
  • Natural Flavors: Natural lemon flavor for the Half-Lemonade and natural raspberry, passionfruit, and mango flavors for the Raspberry and Tropical Mango flavors.

Twisted Tea also contains natural preservatives and water. It’s certified as gluten-free and is a great choice if you are looking for a refreshing, light alcoholic drink.


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