what goes good with tea

what goes good with tea

Enjoy Your Next Tea Break With These Delicious Go-Withs

Nothing is better than taking a few moments out of your day to enjoy a delicious cup of hot tea along with something to snack on. Here are some of our favorite things that can be served along with tea!


  • Cookies – Chocolate chip, oatmeal, gingersnap – you can’t go wrong with a few cookies to enjoy with your tea.
  • Brownies – Whether you make your own or buy a packed pan from the store, brownies can make a perfect accompaniment to your tea break.
  • Scones – Add some butter and other tasty spreads, and the classic scone becomes the perfect partner for your favorite tea.

Savory Items

  • Cheese & Crackers – The salty, savory quality of cheese is the perfect complement to a cup of tea.
  • Mini Quiches – Tiny egg custard dishes are delicious when served with a hot beverage.
  • Sandwiches – Finger sandwiches, paninis, open-faced — there are so many options that can be the perfect side dish to your cuppa.

No matter what your tea-time preference, there’s sure to be a delicious accompaniment that will help make your tea-break more enjoyable than ever. So next time you take a break, take a few moments to savour a cup of tea, and have a snack to go along with it.


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