what has more caffeine tea or coke

what has more caffeine tea or coke

Which beverage has more caffeine: Tea or Coke

When it comes to deciding between a cup of tea or a can of Coke, most people opt for the latter as it is a more popular option. But what most people don’t know is which one has more caffeine.

Caffeine content of Tea

When it comes to tea, there are a few different types that contain caffeine such as black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Generally speaking, an average 8-ounce cup of tea can contain anywhere from 24-45mg of caffeine.

Caffeine content of Coke

Coke on the other hand is widely known to be a caffeinated beverage. An average 12-ounce can of coke contains approximately 35mg of caffeine.

The Verdict

So when comparing the amount of caffeine in tea vs coke, tea has more caffeine. It all just depends on the type of tea that is consumed. Black tea generally has more caffeine than green tea, while oolong tea has more caffeine than black tea. So whichever type of tea one drinks, it most likely contains more caffeine than an average can of coke.

Health Benefits of Tea

Aside from the higher caffeine content, tea also has several health benefits:

  • Tea is a rich source of antioxidants
  • Can help to reduce the risk of cancer
  • May help to boost immunity
  • Can help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • May help to reduce the risk of heart disease

So to summarize, when comparing caffeine content, tea is the clear winner. Additionally, tea also provides several health benefits that are not offered by Coke. So make the healthier choice and opt for tea the next time you are looking for an energy boost.


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