what is a tea cake

what is a tea cake

What is a Tea Cake?

Tea cake refers to much of a variety of sweet desserts and snacks around the world. Depending on the region, it could be a scone-like cake, cookie, pastry, or even a thick sandwich-like pastry. Regardless of the form, tea cakes are usually served with tea.

Varieties of Tea Cake

  • England: Tea cake in England is usually a sweet, scone-like cake, using currants and/or raisins for a flavorful base. It’s served as a biscuit with afternoon tea.
  • Finland: The Finnish tea cake is a thick cinnamon roll, with a unique and delicious cream cheese frosting. It’s a hit in Finland and many other Scandinavian countries.
  • Australia: The Australian tea cake is more like a cookie. It is a wheat-flour brea and often includes fruits or raisins. Its served with steaming hot tea or coffee.
  • India: The Indian version of the tea cake is called a rusk. It is a twice-baked thick sandwich-like pastry. It is usually sweetened with honey and served with hot tea.
  • Americas: Tea cakes in the Americas are more like small, round cakes. They usually feature a butter-sugar base, with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. They’re served with tea or coffee.


Tea cakes are a very delicious and popular way to enjoy afternoon tea. Whether it’s a scone-like cake, sandwich-like pastry, cookie, or full-size round cake, tea cakes kinds vary all over the world. And no matter what the kind is, it’s sure to be a treat enjoyed by many.


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