what is a tea ceremony

what is a tea ceremony

What is a Tea Ceremony?

A tea ceremony is an event that is used to display a formality in showing respect, honor, and hospitality. It generally involves the guests, such as family, friends and business associates, receiving a cup of tea served in an orderly fashion. The ceremony typically involves a series of rituals that include preparation, pouring, drinking, and exchanging of the tea.


Tea ceremonies have been around since at least 800 AC in Chinese culture. Since then, the practice of tea ceremonies has been passed down and evolved over centuries into its current form. In Japan, the tea ceremony is known as “cha-no-yu”, which consists of four main aspects: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. It symbolizes the harmony of body, mind, and nature.

Tea Ceremony Rituals

Tea ceremonies are based around the following rituals:

  • Kan-non: Bowing to pay respect
  • Kaiseki: Simple meal to appreciate seasonal specialties
  • Mizusashi: Water basin to rinse cups
  • Chabana: Arrangement of flower and leaves to make a beautiful composition
  • Chaki: Serving tea
  • Nan-chawan: Small bowl to receive tea
  • Chaji: Tea gathering which may last up to four hours
  • Chasen: Whisk to whip tea
  • Chashaku: Serving spoon to scoop tea


In summary, a tea ceremony is a formal event used to show respect, honor, and hospitality. It has been practiced for centuries and is based around an array of rituals related to the preparation, serving and drinking of tea. It is a revered cultural practice in many countries and is a unique way to appreciate the flavor of tea and its cultural significance.


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