what is a tea length dress

what is a tea length dress

What is a Tea Length Dress?

A tea length dress is an elegant and timeless garment, popular for formal and semi-formal occasions. It is characterized by its knee- or calf-length hemline and falls just below the knee. The hemline of a tea-length dress is usually viewed as lengthening and slimming to the figure wearing it.


Tea length dresses were first popularized in the 1950s, when they were frequently worn as a part of a traditional wedding ensemble with a pair of gloves and hat. The silhouette of the dresses often accentuated the small waist of the wearer and created a classic look, which many still adore today.


Tea length dresses have the following features:

  • Length: Tea length dresses typically fall between the knee and the ankle and are often referred to as midi-length dresses.
  • Shape: Tea length dresses often have an A-line shape, with a fitted bodice and a slightly flared skirt. This shape is flattering on many body types and adds a romantic feel to the dress.
  • Styles: Tea length dresses can be found in a wide variety of styles, from classic vintage and retro-inspired styles, to modern bohemian looks.
  • Fabrics: Fabrics used to make tea length dresses range from light and airy fabrics like chiffon and lace to more structured fabrics like cotton and linen.
  • Accessories: Tea length dresses can be accessorized with a variety of items including jewelry, handbags, shoes and hats.


Tea length dresses are a great option for any formal or semi-formal occasion. They can be dressed up with accessories for black tie events, or dressed down for more casual occasions. These dresses are also popular for weddings, and are often worn as bridesmaids’ dresses.

Tea length dresses are a timeless and elegant option for any formal or semi-formal occasion. With their flattering and slimming silhouette, these dresses can easily be dressed up or down to make them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


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