what is in a texas tea

what is in a texas tea

Texas Tea: What is it All About?

Texas tea is a popular phrase that has been used as a slang term for many different items and ideas. But what does it really mean? Keep reading to learn more about what Texas tea truly is!

The Origins of “Texas Tea”

The term ‘Texas tea’ is believed to have originated from the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies. In that show, it was the term the wealthy family used to refer to crude oil. This was their primary source of income and they were proud to be well-off due to the oil.

What Does “Texas Tea” Mean Today?

Today, the term ‘Texas tea’ has a much broader meaning. It can simply refer to any type of beverage – usually an iced tea of some variety. It can also be used in lieu of a greeting, as in “howdy, fellow Texan!” or as a way to talk about Texas as a proud state.

What is Texas Tea Made Of?

Texas tea is usually a mix of tea, sugar and water. It’s typically served cold, but variations including with and without sugar, as well as using other flavors like lemon or peach, exist.

Who Drinks Texas Tea?

Texas tea can be found all across the Southern United States, as it’s a popular beverage in the region. It’s particularly popular in Texas, of course, due to its namesake. People of all ages, including children and adults, can enjoy a glass of Texas tea.

In summary, Texas tea has a long history that reaches back to The Beverly Hillbillies TV series. Today, it’s a generic term for any sort of beverage, but it’s most commonly a cold iced tea that is mixed with sugar, water and other flavors. People of all ages can enjoy a cold glass of Texas tea – especially those who pride themselves in being from the Lone Star State!


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