what is oolong tea

what is oolong tea

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea, also known as “wulong” or “black dragon” tea, is a type of traditional Chinese tea. It lies in between green and black teas in terms of oxidation level and the way it is processed. Oolong tea is popular due to its unique flavour, aroma and the incredible health benefits it provides.


Oolong tea is made by plucking mature leaves and processing them in the following manner:

  • Withering: the leaves are spread out in the sun for several hours to remove moisture.
  • Tossing and shaking: the leaves are tossed and lightly shaken to break down the cell walls thereby releasing its natural juices.
  • Cooling: the leaves are spread out to cool down and to stop oxidation.
  • Firing and Rolling: the leaves are fired before shaping and rolling to complete the process.


Oolong tea can vary widely in terms of cost, aroma, taste and oxidation level. The types of oolong tea include:

  • Green Oolong Tea: It has a light, vegetal flavour and a slightly sweet aftertaste. This type of Oolong tea is semi-oxidized.
  • Canadian Oolong: It has a light, unique and nutty flavour with a slightly sweet aftertaste. This type of tea is semi-oxidized and has a light, green infusion.
  • Monkey-Picked Oolong Tea: It has a mild but full-bodied flavours, with a sweet, nutty aroma and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is highly oxidized.


Oolong tea is full of essential antioxidants and minerals. It is known to provide the following health benefits:

  • Weight Loss: Oolong tea helps in weight loss by increasing your metabolism and reducing fat absorption thereby aiding with weight loss.
  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease: It helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol which helps in lowering the risk of heart disease.
  • Protection Against Diabetes: It helps in controlling blood sugar levels which helps in protecting against diabetes.

In conclusion, Oolong tea is a type of traditional Chinese tea that is semi-oxidized and lies somewhere between green and black teas. It is known for its unique flavour, aroma and health benefits. It is quickly gaining popularity around the world due to its multiple health benefits and great taste.


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