what is spill the tea

what is spill the tea

What is Spill the Tea?

Spill the tea is a popular phrase used to encourage someone to share details, thoughts, or gossip. It is also commonly used when talking about juicy news.

Spill the tea encourages someone to open up, get real, and reveal what’s going on in their lives. People use this phrase when asking for information, especially if it’s something that is not usually talked about.

The phrase can be used in different contexts such as online forums, texting with friends, or even in real-life conversations.

Origin of the Phrase

The phrase originates from black culture, with tea often referring to gossip or secrets. In the early 1900s, tea was an event for African Americans in the South which often included gossip, information sharing, and gatherings. During this time, both men and women would meet in someone’s home or a ‘tea club’ to partake in some sweet tea and gossip.

Modern Usage

Spill the tea is now a part of modern slang, used mainly by Gen Z and millennials. It has even been used by celebrities like Cardi B, whose song “I Like It” includes the phrase “I said spill the tea, sip it ’til it’s empty”.

The phrase is commonly used in a humorous way when friends are gossiping and wanting to know more. People will often use it to:

  • Encourage someone to share juicy gossip or scandalous news
  • Invite someone to start the conversation
  • Find out the latest news about someone or something

At the end of the day, spill the tea is all about getting real, getting some good gossip, and having fun. So, the next time you feel like talking about the latest news or juicy gossip, all you have to do is… spill the tea!


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