what is tea good for

what is tea good for

The health benefits of tea

Tea has been used for centuries as a healing potion. It’s packed with rich antioxidants and other health-benefiting properties. But what is it exactly that makes tea so good for our bodies?

Improves Heart Health

Drinking tea on a daily basis can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Brewed tea, especially black, green and oolong varieties, contain flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that helps protect against damage to the heart’s blood vessels. Research has shown that flavonoids can:

  • Lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Lower inflammation
  • Reduce plaque formation in the arteries

Boosts Immune System

Tea is a source of the antioxidant vitamin C, which is thought to help improve immunity and fight off diseases. The antioxidants in tea can also help units the body’s natural defense system, providing a shield against bacterial and viral infections.

Enhances Mental Wellbeing

Research has found that tea lowers levels of stress hormones in the body. A cup of tea helps relax us mentally and physically. Drinking tea can enhance your energy and feel refreshed.

Aids in Weight Loss

Tea contains compounds called catechins, which can help speed up metabolism, reducing feelings of hunger and therefore aiding in weight management. Drinking a cup of tea instead of sugary drinks or sodas will help you manage your caloric intake.

From improving heart health to aiding in weight loss, tea has tons of amazing health benefits. Many people around the world enjoy a cup of tea on a daily basis to reap the benefits.


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