what is teas exam for nursing

what is teas exam for nursing

What is the TEAS Exam?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an entrance exam used by nursing schools in the United States to measure prospective candidates’ ability to succeed academically in a nursing program. The exam consists of four subtests: Math, Reading, Science and English & Language Usage.

What Does the TEAS Exam Cover?

The four subtests on the TEAS cover the following topics:

  • Math: Algebra, Data Interpretation and Basic Mathematics
  • Reading: Paragraph Comprehension, Passage Comprehension, and Informational Sources
  • Science: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Science Reasoning, and Science Knowledge
  • English & Language Usage: Grammar & Spelling and Word Meaning & Context

How Is the TEAS Exam Scored?

Each subtest is scored on a 200 to 500 point scale with each section weighted differently. The Reading section is worth the most points and the English & Language Usage section is worth the least. A person has to score at least overall 59.2% to pass the exam and be accepted into a nursing program.

What is the TEAS Exam Used For?

The TEAS test is used to evaluate the skills, knowledge and ability of a potential student to handle the demands and expectations of a nursing program. It is also a way for schools to determine the academic potential of a prospective student. The TEAS exam is important, as it is the first step in determining if a student is qualified to pursue a career in nursing.


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