what is the best green tea to buy


What is the Best Green Tea to Buy?

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages all around the world. Packed with health benefits, it is full of natural antioxidants, and can help increase metabolism, reduce the risk of certain diseases, and more. If you’re looking to purchase green tea, there are a few tips to help make choosing and drinking it an enjoyable experience.

Types of Green Tea

Green tea comes in several types, each of which has its own unique taste and benefits. Some of the most popular types include:

    • Matcha – A finely ground powder made from high-quality Japanese green tea leaves.


    • Sencha – A steamed Japanese green tea made from the top two leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant.


    • Gyokuro – A Japanese green tea made from steaming and shading the tea leaves for a unique flavor profile.


    • Genmaicha– A combination of sencha and toasted brown rice which adds a flavorful and nutty taste.


What to Look For

When choosing a green tea, it is important to look for the quality of the leaves. Ideally, you should look for organic, shade grown green tea leaves with few flaws, such as discoloration or spots. Additionally, you should make sure to check the packing date, as older tea can have a less desirable flavor profile.

How to Brew

The best way to make green tea is to steep it in 190-195 degree Fahrenheit water for around 2-3 minutes. This will produce the perfect cup of tea, with the optimal concentration of antioxidants. Brewing the green tea at a lower temperature can lead to a bitter or astringent taste.


When looking to purchase green tea, there are a few factors to consider. If you want to drink the best tasting tea, look for high quality leaves, check the packing date, and make sure to steep it properly. With the right tea, you can enjoy all the health benefits green tea has to offer.


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