what is the best tea for anxiety

what is the best tea for anxiety

Tea to Reduce Anxiety

Many people are turning to tea as a natural way to help reduce their anxiety. While there is no definitive scientific answer as to what the best tea for anxiety is, there are a few options that can help to alleviate stress. Here are a few teas to try if you’re dealing with anxiety:

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used as a remedy for anxiety for centuries. It is believed to contain compounds that act as mild sedatives, helping to relax both your body and your mind. You can find ready-made tea bags of chamomile in most grocery stores, or you may use a chamomile tincture or tea infusion.


Lavender tea is a popular choice for reducing stress and calming the body. Both the aroma and the flavor of lavender tea can be soothing and calming. Lavender tea can be made by steeping dried lavender flowers in hot water or by using a ready-made tea bag.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its calming effect and is a good option for combatting anxiety. It contains a small amount of caffeine, which can help to reduce stress and provide an energy boost. It also has a high level of antioxidants, which can help to reduce inflammation and improve overall wellbeing.


Passionflower is a herb that has been used to treat anxiety for centuries. It can be steeped as a tea, providing a mild sedative effect. Passionflower tea can be found in most health food stores, or you can make your own using dried passionflower leaves or tincture.


Kava is an herb native to the South Pacific and is known for its strong anxiolytic effects. It is believed to increase levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is important for reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Kava should only be used under the guidance of a health care practitioner, and should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Whether you choose to steep a traditional tea bag, brew an herbal infusion, or combine several of these herbs, there are many options for naturally reducing your anxiety. Some of these teas may work for you more than others, but be sure to give them a try and see what works best for you.


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