what is the british response to the boston tea party

what is the british response to the boston tea party

The British Response to the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was one of the major events of the American Revolution and a defining moment in American history. The incident – in which American Patriots, dressed as Native Americans, threw tea, worth an estimated 10,000 pounds (approximately $1 million in today’s money) off British ships in the Boston Harbor – took place on December 16, 1773. This bold act of rebellion shook up the British government and sparked their anger.


The British had a series of reactions to the Boston Tea Party. These include:

  • Increased taxation: The British responded to the Tea Party with increased taxation on the American colonies. This included a series of laws, dubbed The Intolerable Acts, which aimed to punish the colonists for their actions.
  • Military action: After the Tea Party, the British sought to restore order in the American Colonies. The British sent troops to Boston and imposed a military occupation on the city.
  • Political retaliation: In retaliation for the Tea Party, the British dissolved the Massachusetts government and replaced it with a puppetry government. The British also passed the Quebec Act, which tightly restricted the freedoms of the colonists.


The Boston Tea Party had a direct effect on the course of the American Revolution. It was a turning point in the conflict between the British and the American colonies. The reaction of the British served to further alienate the colonists and intensify their feelings of anger and betrayal. This made the American people even more determined to fight for their independence. It was an event that changed the course of history and ultimately led to the establishment of the United States.


The British response to the Boston Tea Party was swift and severe. The British imposed taxes, sent in military troops and wiped out the Massachusetts government, all in an effort to punish the American colonists for their actions. The incident had a profound impact on the American Revolution and further served to rally the American people behind the cause of independence.


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