what is the colour of tea

what is the colour of tea

What is the Colour of Tea?

Tea, a rich and diverse beverage, can range in colour from light shades of yellow to deep shades of brown. Although the colour of a brewed tea can depend on the age, variety, and how it was brewed, some colours are more common than others.

Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is a light golden-yellow colour, and is the only tea made of freshly picked leaves that are not allowed to oxidize. Yellow tea is known for being smooth and mellow, with a subtle flowery aroma.

Green Tea

Green tea is generally light, bright green after being brewed. Generally, if a younger and more delicate tea has been used to make the beverage, it will have a delicate and slightly earthy taste. Oolong and matcha teas, which undergo less oxidation, will continue to stay green even after the leaves have been steeped.

Light-brown Tea

Light-brown teas typically refer to light-oxidized teas such as Darjeeling. These teas generally have a subtle and sweet aroma, and will turn a light shade of brown when brewed.

Dark Brown Tea

Dark-oxidized or dark-brown teas will generally have a more robust, deep flavour as opposed to its lighter counterparts. These teas include varieties such as black tea and Pu’erh. When brewed, these teas will be a dark shade of brown.

Boiled infusions such as the popular Masala Chai, will turn red when brewed, as the spices used to make it will turn red when combined with hot water.


Tea comes in a myriad of flavours and colours and the colour generally reflects the age, variety and how it was brewed. Common colours of tea are:
– Yellow
– Green
– Light brown
– Dark brown

Brewed infusions such as Masala Chai may also turn red.


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