what is the effect of the boston tea party


The Effect of the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occurred on December 16, 1773, in Boston, Massachusetts. It is considered to be one of the key events which led to the American Revolution and eventual independence of the United States.

The Boston Tea Party was a direct response to the Tea act, which was an act of Parliament that lowered the price of British East India tea in the 13 American Colonies. This reduced price was used to undercut the price of tea sold by independent merchants and to anger the colonists.

The Boston Tea Party had a significant effect on the colonies and their relationship with Great Britain. Here are some of its lasting impacts:

Political Unrest

The Boston Tea Party sparked the American Revolution and led to a dramatic increase in political unrest in the colonies. This unrest culminated in the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. This document marked the official start of the American Revolution.

Increased Revenue

The Tea Act was repealed as a result of the Boston Tea Party and this meant that American merchants were able to increase their revenue by selling tea that was untaxed. This was vital for the development of the early American economy.

Unified Colonies

The Boston Tea Party unified the colonies in their resistance of British taxation and made them realize the power of collective action. This was a major step on the road to American independence.

Increase in Patriotism

The Boston Tea Party increased the sense of patriotism amongst the American people. They felt like they were standing up for their rights and defending their country from oppressive British rule.

Closing Thoughts

The Boston Tea Party had a far-reaching effect on the American colonies and was an important step towards the nation’s independence. It sparked political unrest and unified the colonies, and also increased the sense of patriotism amongst those living in the colonies.

The legacy of the Boston Tea Party lives on today, and it is considered to be a key event in the early days of the United States.


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