what is the price of tea in china

what is the price of tea in china

The Price of Tea in China

Tea has been integral to China since its historical origin there centuries ago. While the country is now both the largest producer and consumer of tea worldwide, prices of tea products vary depending on the regional availability of different varieties as well as the quality and type of available tea.

Types of Tea

China produces a wide variety of tea, each with its own unique flavor and price.

Green Tea

  • Long Jing (Dragon Well): the most famous of Chinese green teas, this variety can cost anywhere between $10-50 USD
  • Lu Shan (Mountain Clouds): a well-known variety of green tea from Jiangxi province, prices range from $10-50 USD

Black Tea

  • Keemun: as one of the most famous teas, it’s found in almost every tea shop and can range in price from $8-20 USD
  • Tie Guan Yin: from the Fujian Province, and can cost anywhere from $30-50+ USD

Wulong Tea

  • Dong Ding: as a favorite variety with its unique flavor, it can run anywhere from $20-50 USD
  • Da Hong Pao: a very famous variety due to its complexity, it’s one of the most expensive teas in the world, ranging from $100-1000+ USD

Where to Buy

Prices of tea can vary quite a bit depending on the source. Different vendors may have different pricing, with reserve-grade varieties from more renowned tea companies often costing much more than varieties from smaller companies. The global rise of tea drinking has also encouraged niche tea companies to start up in different countries in recent years, offering newcomers a chance to explore the many exquisite varieties China has to offer.

In summary, the price of tea in China varies depending on the variety itself, where it is purchased from, and the quality of the tea. There are many more varieties of tea than what is listed here, so exploring different options and prices can be an exciting journey for the budding tea enthusiast.


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